Tetsuya Iizuka


Tetsuya Iizuka
Associated organizations
THine Electronics
Fields of study
Television, Computing


Tetsuya Iizuka’s vision and guidance have driven the development of high-speed video processing chips required for today’s demanding flat-panel display applications. Dr. Iizuka founded THine Microsystems in 1991 to concentrate on advancing the video-signal interface technology needed for computers and television displays. Overcoming the many challenges of establishing a start-up venture in Japan, his company has developed breakthrough solutions for low-cost and compact video-signal handling that have become the standards for high-definition moving images. The technology pioneered by Dr. Iizuka has fueled the success of digital video devices including laptops, tablets, and 3D televisions. Under Dr. Iizuka’s guidance, THine advanced existing low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) technology to introduce 10-bit LVDS in 2003. The 10-bit LVDS chip as a television’s internal interface supports 1 billion colors compared to 8-bit LVDS’ 16 million colors and was widely accepted as the new value for image quality in television displays. THine also developed the V-by-One HS chip. Considered the next-generation interface for flat-panel displays, this technology can realize 3D television through eight pairs of internal video interface cables compared to the 48 pairs required with LVDS. Dr. Iizuka founded the Japanese Semiconductor Venture Association to improve opportunities for entrepreneurs in Japan and Asia through collaboration with the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). He has played a key role at the GSA as a member of its Asia-Pacific Leadership Council. Dr. Iizuka was also instrumental in Japan’s adoption of a new income tax incentive for early stage investments in 2008.

An IEEE Senior Member, Dr. Iizuka is currently Chief Executive Officer of THine Electronics, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.