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This tour was constructed by the Staff of the IEEE History Center. For a global map of IEEE Milestones, ASCE Landmarks, and ASME Landmarks, go to the Innovation Map on the Engineering & Technology History Wiki. For a list of other Technical History Tours, please click here.

Oldest continuously operating streetcars in the world. An ASME Landmark, the St. Charles line is the oldest continuously-operating streetcar line in the world. It opened for service in September 1835, initially using team locomotives and horse cars, and began operating under electric traction in February 1893. All three of New Orleans's streetcar lines are full of history. The Canal Street line operates cars built from 1923-1930. Additional information on current schedules can be found here.

Lightning to the Lake (tram to the West End amusement park, a large timber platform stretching out 1,000 feet/305 meters over Lake Ponchartrain).

West Closure Complex 500 East Bayou Rd, Belle Chasse, 29.829772, -90.063722. As of 2015, it is the world's largest pumping station. On occasion it is open for tours.

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Lake Pontchartrain Causeway 30.022455, -90.154374. Until 2011, it was the longest over-water highway bridge in the world. First span opened 30 August 1956; second span 10 May 1969. It is an ASCE Landmark.

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Huey P. Long Railroad Bridge (1935). An ASCE Landmark, the Huey P. Long Bridge was the first bridge to span the Mississippi River at New Orleans. The dual-track railroad portion, with its total length of 22,995 feet, was the longest, high-level railroad bridge in the world at the time.

Eads South Pass Navigation Works (1875-1879), 29.0179056, -89.2311271. An ASCE Landmark, the South Pass was designed by James B. Eads as a self-scouring channel for large cargo shipping to the Port of New Orleans.

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