I am officially back from the dead! :)


  • DR: On the Milestones:Benjamin Franklin's work in London, 1757-1775 page, I eliminated the call to #display_map, and have added the map functionality into the Milestone template directly. This means you can set all necessary data in the Milestone template. I added an "Address" field that you can use for specifying the address text that labels the map marker. We can do something similar for the Landmark template.
    • NB: Looks good, thanks!
  • DR: On the Milestones:List_of_IEEE_Milestones page, I noticed that the first milestone listed is not using the Milestone template. Once all Milestones are using the Milestone template, it will be possible to replace this entire page with several Semantic queries, so that this page does not need to be separately maintained. The queries will pull information from the individual Milestone pages.
    • NB: Theres a couple other pages that would be nice to automate too. We can discuss this after switchover is completed
  • DR: For the ASME Landmarks and ASCE Landmarks pages, I'd recommend setting up these pages to redirect to the appropriate category pages Category:ASME Landmarks and Category:ASCE Landmarks. This will provide people with a category style listing of the landmarks when they visit the page.
    • NB: Makes sense
  • NB: Have reenabled SelectCategory extension per request - feel free to disable if doing template stuff

Map Semantic Conversion

  • Add ASME data when received
    • Some of the ASME data is beginning to trickle in - does the Landmark template work for this too and the map pulls it from the categories?
    • DR: Yes. Add an extra parameter to the template call: Type=ASME. Otherwise it is the same. Let me know if you need any automated importing.
      • NB: I added two pages to the ASME Landmarks namespace, but they don't appear to be showing up on the map. Am I doing something wrong with the entry?
      • DR: Going to the map page and Actions -> Refresh should cause them to show up. I was able to see the one in SF that I looked for. (refresh happens within several hours if not forced).
        • NB: Ok, didn't know it has to refresh every so often
        • DR: It caches results for improved performance. This can be turned off on certain pages if needed.
  • NB: For pages like Milestones:Maxwell's Equations, 1860-1871 which have multiple plaques, can multiple calls be made to the Milestone template in order to get them to display on the map?
  • DR: Currently, no, but it's a fairly easy upgrade for me to store the milestones as "sub-objects" which wil turn this into a "Yes.". Would you like me to go ahead and do this?
    • NB: Not at the moment, lets focus on the migration for now