Sample OU Financial Commitment Letter


The completed letter(s) should be emailed to the IEEE Milestones Program Administrator at

Sample letter/email to be submitted by the IEEE Organizational Unit paying for the plaque, e.g. an IEEE society, council, student branch, et al.

IEEE Organizational Unit letterhead


Subject: IEEE Milestone proposal docket number XXXX-XX [if known, if not leave blank] ______________

Title of Milestone: _____________________________

Dear _____________

The IEEE ___________________________ (name of organizational unit) accepts financial responsibility of paying for the plaque(s). We understand that the plaque(s) must be paid for by an IEEE organizational unit because the IEEE History Center cannot invoice a non-IEEE organizational unit. In cases where a non-IEEE organisation may have agreed to reimburse the cost of the plaque, the IEEE organizational unit is responsible for paying the IEEE History Center, and may receive the payment from the non-IEEE organization.

As of this writing, the plaque costs are: US$937 per plaque plus shipping. Current shipping costs per plaque are: within U.S.A.: $63; to Canada: $42, to Europe: $495, India: 495, Asia and Pacific: $495. Other destinations vary.

The plaque(s) will remain the property of the IEEE Section.


Name of IEEE Organizational Unit Chair or President

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