Ronold W. P. King


Ronold W. P. King
Ronold W. P. King
Williamstown, MA, USA
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Harvard University
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Ronold W. P. King (IRE Associate, 1930; Senior Member, 1943; and Fellow, 1953) was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts on 19 September 1905. He received the A.B. degree in 1927, and the S.M. degree, in 1929, both from the University of Rochester in New York, where he majored in physics. He was awarded the Ph.D. degree by the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 1932, after having done graduate work at the University of Munich, Germany, and Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

King served as Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Wisconsin in 1932-1934 and as Instructor and Assistant Professor of Physics at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1934-1937. He spent the year 1937-1938 in Germany as a Guggenheim Fellow. In 1938, King joined the faculty of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he advanced to the rank of Professor in 1946. In 1958, he studied and traveled abroad as a Guggenheim Fellow. In 1962,King was the Gordon McKay Professor in Applied Physics at Harvard University. His research was focused in the field of antennas, transmission lines, and microwave circuits.

King was a Fellow of the IRE, the American Physical Society, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and a member of the American Association of University Professors, the AAAS, Phi Beta Kappa, and Sigma Xi.