Ronald G. Harley


Ronald G. Harley
Ronald G. Harley
Associated organizations
Georgia Institute of Technology
Fields of study
Power electronics


Ronald Gordon Harley is among the top researchers in the areas of electric machines, drives and power electronics. His innovations include micro machines, power electronics and intelligence systems, such as applying neural networks for improved monitoring and control.

Dr. Harley’s early work and books about synchronous machines taught engineers how to analyze and diagnose stability issues in power systems applications, and his more recent contributions have provided innovative intelligent methods for monitoring the health of induction motors. He developed a micromachines research lab in South Africa, which was instrumental in modeling the behavior of generators and induction motors for the benefit of the South African power grid. His group in South Africa was the first to propose and implement a neural-network-based adaptive controller for the current and speed loops of an induction motor.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Harley is currently a professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.