Roger W. Brockett


Roger W. Brockett
Roger W. Brockett
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Harvard University
Fields of study
Control systems
IEEE Leon K. Kirchmayer Graduate Teaching Award, IEEE Control Systems Award


Roger W. Brockett’s effectiveness over the last 45 years in preparing his students for engineering careers can be seen in the records of the approximately 60 doctoral students and more than a dozen postdoctoral fellows he has guided, most of who have become researchers, deans and professors at major institutions and have achieved their own distinctions in control engineering.

Dr. Brockett’s advising style was committed to the depth and quality of the research, critical thinking and originality. Dr. Brockett has been influential in defining many of the principal research areas in control engineering. His ability to bring together seemingly diverse areas and applications towards a systematic effort to understand engineering from fundamentals has transformed the field of systems and control engineering.

A Life Fellow of the IEEE, Dr. Brockett has published books and papers considered core instructional materials for control engineering curricula worldwide. Dr. Brockett was the An Wang Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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