Paul C. Krause


Paul C. Krause
Paul C. Krause
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Purdue University
Fields of study
Electric machines


As the architect of modern reference frame theory, Dr. Paul C. Krause has made the analysis and understanding of the operation of electric machines more straightforward. In the 1960s, he determined that the different mathematical transformations that comprised reference frame theory could be established from one transformation, which he called the “arbitrary reference frame” transformation. He subsequently extended this original work to establish the concept of multiple reference frame analysis; thereby, forming the basis of modern reference frame theory and making the analysis less intimidating. His accomplishments have impacted the emerging use of electric drives for vehicles, aircraft, ships, and in electric power grid applications. He has focused his fundamental concepts of reference frame analysis on commercial applications through his company, PC Krause and Associates (West Lafayette, IN.), which he started in 1983.

An IEEE Life Fellow, Dr. Krause recently retired from Purdue University and is currently the president and chief executive officer of PC Krause and Associates.