P. Sarma Maruvada


P. Sarma Maruvada
Rajahmundry, India
Associated organizations
Hydro Quebec Institute of Research
Fields of study
Platinum Jubilee Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award of the Indian Institute of Science


Sarma P. Maruvada’s work in the analysis and measurement of audible noise and radio interference on transmission line conductors has significantly furthered the study of electromagnetic fields and corona phenomena associated with high voltage AC/DC power lines.

During his nearly 30-year tenure at the Hydro Quebec Institute of Research (IREQ), Dr. Maruvada’s efforts in the sensitive areas of human and environmental impact have been particularly far-reaching. Through a combination of innovative research, large-scale measurement programs and shrewd analysis, he has increased understanding of electric and magnetic fields, ion densities, space charges, onset voltages, power losses and many other factors that affect the design and development of transmission lines.

Dr. Maruvada’s work has determined acceptable levels of audible noise, based on psychoacoustic studies; the subjective human response to radio interference on AM radio reception and acceptable signal-to-noise ratios. His research has also transformed the field of electromagnetic exposure related to high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) transmission lines. The Canadian Standards Association has used his research to develop standards on radio interference from high-voltage AC lines.

Throughout Dr. Maruvada’s career, he has worked to promote and transfer his knowledge through committees and publications. His book , CoronaPerformance of High-Voltage Transmission Lines serves as a defining guide for professionals in the field.

Sarma P. Maruvada was born on 1 January 1938, in Rajahmundry, India. He received his bachelor’s degree with honors in electrical engineering from Andhra University in 1958, and a master’s degree with distinction in engineering from the Indian Institute of Science in 1959. He also earned a master’s of science in 1966, and doctorate in 1968, from the University of Toronto, both in electrical engineering. Currently he is a consultant.

Dr. Maruvada is a Fellow of IEEE and an honorary member of CIGRE. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition and chairman of CIGRE Study Committee 36 on Power System Electromagnetic Compatibility. His many awards and honors include the Platinum Jubilee Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award of the Indian Institute of Science.