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Osamu Matoba
Osamu Matoba
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Yann Frauel, Bahram Javidi, Osamu Matoba, Thomas J. Naughton, and Enrique Tajahuerce co-authored a comprehensive survey about the emerging field of computational holographic imaging and image processing of three-dimensional objects. These international and interdisciplinary researchers have come together to provide novel tools and techniques for the processing and analysis of digital holograms. The paper provides an overview of the basics of holographic sensing and imaging, as well as new emerging applications. It describes computational holographic imaging as technology with great potential in a variety of applications including 3D television displays, 3D medical imaging, information security and 3D measurements as well as manufacturing and virtual reality.

Mr. Matoba is an associate professor in the department of computer and systems engineering at Kobe University, Kobe, Japan. His current research interests and expertise are in optical and digital processing of three-dimensional objects, terabyte holographic memory and optical security. He received his doctorate in applied physics from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan.