Oral-History:IEEE Computer Society Presidents

In 2013 the Computer Society History Committee began a multi-year initiative — the IEEE Computer Society Leaders Oral History Project — to conduct and make publicly available oral history interview transcripts with past Computer Society presidents and a few Society staff members who had big impact on Society history.

The interviewers were Janet Abbate (JA), Andrew Russell (AR), Jeffrey Yost (JA), and David Walden (DW).

Past presidents

Staff members

  • True Seaborn, long-time leader of the Society's publications office (JY)


  1. Dave Walden of the Computer Society History Committee interviewed Leonard Tripp on August 30, 2013. However Leonard’s ill health prevented him from reviewing the transcript of the interview. Instead one of his children, daughter Monica Tripp Barret, provided this outline of Leonard’s life and career.