Norio Takahashi


Norio Takahashi
Associated organizations
Okayama University
Fields of study
Electric machines


Norio Takahashi is a world-renowned expert in developing finite element analysis methods for designing electric machines. His pioneering work allows for the design of electric machines under real operating conditions, taking into account the effects of external voltage sources, stress, and temperature. His techniques have become indispensible tools for the development of highly efficient miniature motors and actuators and have led to significant cost savings. Dr. Takahashi has written hundreds of papers and several books on finite element analysis techniques. His methods have become standard in many commercial software packages and are part of the design process for electric machines and devices around the world. He is also known for developing a new type of electrical steel with low-iron loss and new design methods for high-efficiency transformer cores.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Takahashi is a professor with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Okayama University in Japan.