Ned Mohan


Ned Mohan
Ned Mohan
Associated organizations
University of Minnesota
Fields of study
Power electronics
IEEE James H. Mulligan, Jr. Education Medal


Ned Mohan is setting the new standard for electric energy systems education with a curriculum that recognizes that many solutions to electric energy challenges lie outside the traditional boundaries of the field. Dr. Mohan has created renewed interest with course enrollments increasing four- to five-fold at the University of Minnesota, and his curriculum has been adapted by universities worldwide. His student-oriented approach integrates power systems, power electronics and power drives courses and laboratories and emphasizes renewable energy sources, reliable delivery and efficient end-use. Dr. Mohan supports his curriculum with textbooks and laboratories he developed himself. His teaching philosophy is based on treating students with the utmost respect and considering if new approaches will benefit not only their technical knowledge but their long-term career-development potentials.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Mohan is currently the Oscar A. Schott Professor of Power Electronics and Systems at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul.