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Naoya Takahashi
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Naoya Takahashi’s vision and leadership has directed Hitachi, Ltd., to the top of the data storage systems market and helped change the course of the industry. Dr. Takahashi believed that storage systems were more than just peripheral equipment attached to mainframes. He had the vision to break away from the norm and design an enterprise storage system, known as Starnet, capable of supporting multiple open systems and mainframe processors through separate ports on the same storage system. Dr. Takahashi led the development of a remote copying method that provides open systems with the same disaster recovery solutions previously only available on expensive mainframes. He was instrumental in Hitachi’s development of the Lightning 9000 series of disk arrays featuring the Hi-Star crossbar architecture in 2000, which was important to newly emerging storage area networks. Dr. Takahashi also led the shift toward storage virtualization, enabling storage systems created by any company to be connected and operated as an integrated virtual single unit.

An IEEE Senior Member, Dr. Takahashi is currently president and chief executive officer of Hitachi Systems, Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan.