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Moshe Yanai
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During the past 35 years, Moshe Yanai has developed innovative data storage solutions to overcome the gap between growing amounts of data and the mechanical limitations of disk drives. Considered by many to be the most influential leader in the data storage industry, Mr. Yanai’s architectures changed how companies store and use data. He developed and cultivated the Symmetrix storage array while at EMC Corp., Hopkinton, Mass., in the late 1980s. Symmetrix allows multiple servers to connect to the same storage device using a small computer system interface (SCSI), and it enabled the large relational databases common to the business world today. In 2003, Mr. Yanai founded XIV, Ltd., and developed the first truly scalable grid storage system, providing a lower-cost, highly reliable and easy to manage storage solution. The system quickly became popular with major banks, Internet service providers and telecommunication companies. IBM Corp. acquired XIV and the grid system in December 2007.

An IEEE Member, Mr. Yanai is currently an IBM Fellow at IBM Corp., Waltham, Mass.