Mohammed Dahleh


Mohammed Dahleh
Amman, Jordan
Death date
Fields of study
Control systems
Hugo Schuck Award of the American Control Council


With nearly 100 professional publications and two books, Mr. Dahleh was an internationally recognized authority in the field of dynamical systems and control theory.

Under his leadership, the UCSB Center for Control Engineering and Computation has become a focal point for technological innovations. The most recent example is his patent for the use of atomic force microscopy in precision machining and imaging. For a new analysis of turbulent phenomena in 1999, Mr. Dahleh shared the prestigious Hugo Schuck Award of the American Control Council.

Dahleh joined the UCSB College of Engineering faculty in 1991 and advanced to full professor in 1995.

Born in Amman, Jordan, he received his undergraduate education at Texas A&M and Ph.D. degree at Princeton University. Mr. Dahleh, who was also an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control.

Dahleh died on July 29th, 2000 at the age of 39 of cancer.