Michel Duval

Michel Duval
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Michel Duval is an internationally renowned leader in the field of dissolved gas analysis (DGA) for condition monitoring of oil-filled power equipment such as high-voltage transformers. Condition monitoring helps prevent service failures and aids power companies in asset management of critical equipment. One of the most reliable techniques for recognizing abnormal behavior in transformers while the equipment is in operation, DGA’s use as a standard method for condition monitoring is largely due to the efforts of Dr. Duval. The “Duval Triangle” method has become an indispensable tool for DGA and is used by hundreds of power utilities, service laboratories, and manufacturers of on-line gas monitors. Dr. Duval also established the typical levels of gas formation observed in various types of electrical equipment and the probability of equipment failure as a function of in-service gas formation. His gas-in-oil standards have been commercialized since 1999 and are used worldwide.

An IEEE Life Fellow, Dr. Duval is currently a senior research scientist with Hydro Quebec Institute of Research in Quebec, Canada.