Mary Lou Jepsen



Mary Lou Jepsen was born in 1965 and is a technical executive and inventor with over 200 patents, and was named one of the hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

She studied Studio Art and Electrical Engineering at Brown University, received a Master of Science in Holography from the MIT Media Lab, and earned a PhD in Optical Sciences from Brown as well.

She created a holographic replica of buildings in Cologne, Germany, including a display on a city block. She was later the chief technology officer of Intel's Display Division, then a professor at MIT, where she co-founded One Laptop per Child, creating a $100 computer for children around the world. In 2008 she started Pixel Qi, to commercialize some of the technology from OLPC. The company pioneered high performance, low-power, sunlight readable screens for mobile devices.

In 2013 she joined Google X and directed display and consumer electronic programs until 2015 when she joined Facebook as an executive for virtual reality. In 2016 she founded Openwater, aiming to use infared holography to make fMRI imaging inside the body practical and affordable. The project is still in development.

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