Marvin Camras


Marvin Camras
Chicago, IL, USA
Associated organizations
Armour Research Foundation
Fields of study
Magnetic tape, Consumer electronics


Marvin Camras (IRE Student, 1941; Associate, 1942; Senior Member, 1948; and Fellow, 1952) was born in Chicago, Illinois, on 1 January 1916. He received the B.S.E.E. degree from the Armour Institute of Technology, Chicago, in 1940, and the M.S. degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, 1942.

From 1940 until at least 1962, Camras was a staff member of the Armour Research Foundation, Chicago, engaged with research in the Electronics Division on such projects as remote control, high-speed photography, magnetostriction oscillators, and static electricity.

Camras contributed developments used in modern magnetic tape and wire recorders, including high-frequency bias, improved recording heads, wire and tape materials, magnetic sound for motion pictures, multitrack tape machines, and binaural sound reproduction.

Camras was a member of the AIEE, the Acoustical Society of America, SMPTE, AAAS, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, and Sigma Xi. In addition, in 1962, he was Editor of the IRE Transactions on Audio, and received the John Scott Medal in 1955, for his work in magnetic recording.