Markham Cheever


Markham Cheever
Markham Cheever
Ann Arbor, MI
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Utah Power & Light Company
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The great capacity for work, the thoroughness and the aggressiveness of Markham Cheever, general superintendent and chief engineer of the Utah Power & Light Company, are reflected in the remarkable progress which that company has made since its organization with Mr. Cheever in charge of operation and construction. He has a remarkable faculty for grasping and analyzing a situation or problem and of predicting the results. His executive ability and his kindness and consideration for his subordinates have all made for harmony and efficiency in his organization.

Mr. Cheever was born at Ann Arbor, Mich. in 1880. He was graduated in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan in the class of 1903. Immediately after leaving college he took up the duties of assistant engineer during the construction of the first section of the Ontario Power Company's development at Niagara Falls and served in that capacity for three years. he then moved to the West, where ever since he had been associated with the pioneer development work in the Intermountain region.

During the latter part of 1906 he became engineer in charge of the construction of a 5,000 hp. high-head hydro-electric plant at Ames, Col. From 1908 to 1912 inclusive, as assistant chief engineer of the Telluride Power Company, he was engaged in hydro-electric developments in Utah, Idaho and Colorado. He was first sent to Grace, Idaho, to take charge of the initial development of Bear River at that point. After two years of such work he went to Provo, Utah, as assistant chief engineer for the company. When the reorganization of the power industry in Utah came about in 1912, which resulted in the formation of the Utah Power & Light Company out of sixteen smaller companies, Cheever was the man most familiar with the problems of the district, and he was made chief engineer, having charge of all construction work in addition to other duties. In 1918 he was also appointed general superintendent of the company, in charge of all physical property, construction, operation and maintenance.

Mr. Cheever had taken an active part in the affairs of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, and served as the 1919 chair of the AIEE Utah Section. He was also involved with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Electric Light Association. He was the first chairman of the hydraulic power committee of the N.E.L.A. in 1920 and served two years in organization of the work of this important committee.

(original text from "Electrical World", May 3, 1924)