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Mark Krivocheev
Mark Krivocheev
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Mark Krivocheev was born in Russia on July 30, 1922. He completed his scientific education at the Moscow Telecommunications Institute, from which he received an undergraduate degree in 1946, was named Candidate of Technical Sciences in 1959, Doctor of Technical Sciences in 1966, and Professor in 1968.

Professor Krivocheev was distinguished for the breadth of his influence in the field of television in the (former) Soviet Union over more than 45 years, and for his leadership of international standardization work in television since the early 1970s. He was Head of a Scientific Department on Television in the Radio Research Institute, Ministry of Telecommunications, Russian Federation.

In 1946, Professor Krivocheev was appointed head of the studio production complex of the Moscow Television Center. There, in 1948, following his earlier research on a 625-line raster, he led successful production and inauguration of the first-in-the-world 625-line television transmission. Professor Krivocheev designed Russia's first Molnyia I Satellite System. In accordance with the Soviet-French agreement on cooperation in satellite communications (1965-66), work accomplished under his leadership provided the basis for alignment and specific measurements of the communication line Moscow-Molnyia I-Paris, and vice versa, establishing the first color TV transmissions between Russia and France.

Professor Krivocheev has been a participant and leader in international television studies at the ITU's International Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) since 1948, serving as Vice Chairman from 1970, and, from 1974, as Chairman of CCIR's Television Group. He has led CCIR's work on digital television broadcasting and HDTV. The world digital Television standard developed by the CCIR Group earned the 1983 U.S. National Academy of Television Art and Sciences "Emmy" Award for engineering.

Professor Krivocheev was a founder and head of the Russia School for Television Measurement. He has authored many technical papers and books, and was the originator or co-inventor of more than 90 inventions and patents. He has received numerous awards, including: the Medal of Honor of the National Space Exploration Centre in France (1971); the USSR State Prize (1982); the Medal of Honor of the International Organization of Radio and Television (1986); the Gold Medal of the Fifteenth International Television Symposium (Montreux, 1987). He has been cited by the European Broadcasting Union, the North American National Broadcasters Association, and the Australian Department of Communications and Broadcasting. He was an Honorary Member of the A. S. Popov Society of Russia and the Institute of Television Engineers of Japan. He was a Fellow of the SMPTE.

Mark Krivocheev and his wife, Elizabeth, resided in Moscow. They have two daughters, Kate and Ann.