Mark Handley

Mark Handley
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Mark Handley is a major contributor to standards work. His contributions to Internet engineering include: real-time multimedia, Internet telephony, and multicast TV. He co-authored protocols for multimedia signaling, including the Session Initiation Protocol (for IP telephony). His contributions helped overcome the limitations of Internet congestion control. He collaborated on TCP-Friendly Rate Control for handling Internet streaming and telephony and on XCP explicit congestion control, a fundamentally new approach to congestion control. In 2001, Dr. Handley and his colleagues devised the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) algorithm. Dr. Handley founded the XORP project in 2000 to provide a complete open-source router implementation, allowing researchers to experiment with new protocols on real networks. He actively contributes to IETF standards.

Dr. Handley is currently professor of networked systems at University College London (UCL). He received his PhD. from UCL in November 1997, entitled "Scalable Internet Multimedia Conferencing Systems".