Marie Killick



Marie Louise Killick was born in 1914 England and was an audio engineer who invented the Sapphox sapphire stylus.

Her father was an engineer and trained her in precision engineering, she also studied sound recording in Antwerp. She worked for the army during WWII making sound equipment, and started a business which was awarded a constract with the War Office. Steel needles of the time could destroy records, so Killick invented a stylus made of sapphire or diamond. It had better sound quality and didn't damage the record. She filed for the patent in 1945 and was granted it in 1948. She even patented her Sapphire Lapping Machine, and produced 10,000 units a week.

The business was doing very well until a lawsuit in 1953 against Pye Ltd for their infringement on her patent. It was a trying lawsuit and caused her lots of stress, but she managed to win the suit in 1957, along with the appeal in 1958. Unfortunately, backruptcy the following year prevented her from receiving the millions she would have been awarded. She died at age 49 with no money and homeless.

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