Margaret, Lady Moir



Margaret, Lady Moir, born Margaret Bruce Pennycook in 1864, is known for setting up the Women's Engineering Society in 1919.

Her husband, Ernest Moir, was a civil engineer, and this gave her access to construction sites where he worked. During WW1 she trained as a lathe operator and worked as one for 18 months. She realized that many munitions workers weren't getting any days off, and organized the Week End Relief Scheme for industrial workers. Herself and other educated women would take their place. This led to the award of an OBE in 1920.

In 1919, along with her friends Sir Charles and Lady Parsons, she set up the Women's Engineering Society, serving as its President 10 years later. She supported it financially and encouraged other aristocratic women with technical interests to contribute as well. She also helped start the Electrical Association for Women in 1924, serving as President in 1932. She was even involved in housing and children's charities.

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