Manoj R. Shah


Manoj R. Shah
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General Electric (GE)
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Manoj R. Shah’s innovative methods for analyzing and designing electric machines have provided fault-tolerant equipment that can operate at higher efficiency more reliably. Dr. Shah developed an electromagnetic analysis method for General Electric generators using electric vector and magnetic scalar potentials. His method provided a greater level of accuracy in calculating the intensity of magnetic fields to address the geometric complications of winding and structural configurations and nonlinear aspects of magnetic materials in the end region of generators. His method has been incorporated in many General Electric air- and hydrogen-cooled generators produced over the last 15 years. Dr. Shah also developed an advanced wound-field motor for the U.S. Navy, providing greater power output for ship propulsion in a smaller package. His methods for monitoring the health of stator cores can help prevent catastrophic equipment failures that could lead to prolonged power outages. He also contributed to strengthening the fault-tolerant characteristics of permanent magnet machines, increasing their industry acceptance.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Shah is currently a senior engineer with General Electric Co.’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York.