Leon T. Rosenberg

Leon T. Rosenberg
Leon T. Rosenberg
South Bend, IN, USA
IEEE Nikola Tesla Award


Leon T. Rosenberg was born in 1904 in South Bend, Indiana. He was graduated from the University of Michigan in 1926 with a B.S. degree and from Illinois Institute of Technology in 1949 with a M.S. degree, both in Electrical Engineering. In 1926. Mr. Rosenberg joined Allis-Chalmers Corporation as a graduate trainee. advancing successively through the positions of synchronous machine designer (1927), turbogenerator designer (1932), engineer-in-charge ac design (1952), engineer-in-charge ac electrical and mechanical design of turbogenerators (1955), and chief turbogenerator design engineer (1956), to senior consultant-generator design (1969) and consultant to Allis-Chalmers Power Systems, Inc. (1970). Mr. Rosenberg has been involved in synchronous machine design for the past 49 years. The paper he coauthored covering the 540° transposition describes a major "breakthrough" in eddy-current loss reduction , now widely used by many large turbine-generator builders. From 1948-1951, Mr. Rosenberg worked on the development and design of the world's first gas conductor-cooled turbine generator which was installed at Wisconsin Power and Light Company. From 1960 until 1962, he worked on the development and design of the first 1,000,000 kw generating unit for Consolidated Edison Company.

Along with his development and design of large steam turbine-driven generators. Mr. Rosenberg has made many important contributions to AIEE and IEEE literature. He wrote or coauthored more than 38 technical papers. mainly covering turbogenerator design, operation and maintenance.

Mr. Rosenberg holds four United States Patents on shield in air gap, air gap baffles, ventilated finger plates. and thermally balanced rotor. Mr. Rosenberg is a Fellow in the IEEE and has been an active member both at the national and local level. He has served on committees on power generation. steam turbine generators, rotating machinery, a working group on temperature standards. and on the EEI-Beil System Project Committee. In 1938, Mr. Rosenberg served as secretary of the Milwaukee Section of the IEEE, where he was chairman in 1939 and 1940.

Mr. Rosenberg is a registered professional engineer in Wisconsin, was a member of the NSPE from 1963-1973 and is active in the Engineers and Scientists of Milwaukee, at one time serving as director and then as treasurer. He has been honored by Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, and received first prize in the 1959 AIEE District 5 paper competition.

Leon Rosenberg and his wife, Florence resided in Wauwutosa, Wisconsin. He enjoyed tennnis, skiing, ice skating, skate sailing, golf and swimming.