Lennart Ljung


Lennart Ljung
Lennart Ljung
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Linköping University
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Control systems


Lennart Ljung, professor of electrical engineering at the Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden, is a recognized leader in the area of systems and control research whose contributions have had lasting impact over nearly 35 years.

His book, “System Identification—Theory for the User,” is considered a standard reference source, and his career-defining “System Identification Toolbox” for Matlab, a high-level interactive software package for model estimation has been heralded as both a great scientific and commercial success, with many of its principles having been applied to engineering problems for industry world-wide. In his groundbreaking 1977 paper, “Analysis of Recursive Stochastic Algorithms,” Dr. Ljung defined a method of proving the convergence of stochastic algorithms that provided a highly effective method for their future analysis.

An IEEE Fellow with Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science and doctoral degrees all from Lund University and the Lund Institute of Technology in Lund Sweden, he has received numerous honorary degrees and awards from institutions around the world.

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