Laurie Spiegel



Laurie Spiegel was born in 1945 and is an American Composer known for developing her Music Mouse composition software.

Her interest in music began with her learning mandolin, guitar, and banjo as a child. She studied at Shimer College followed by Oxford University. She then moved to NYC and studied composition with Jacob Druckman, Vincent Persichetti and Hall Overton at the Juilliard School from 1969 to 1972. She then studied privately with Emmanuel Ghent, then relocated with Druckman, to whom she was composer's assistant, to Brooklyn College, where she completed her MA in Music Composition in 1975.

She then began working at Bell Labs on algorithmic logic as part of the compositional process, creating her famous Music Mouse software in 1986, which could intelligently assist users in creating music. She used the program herself to create several great compositions.

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