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Larry F. Weber
Larry F. Weber
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With expertise that spans from fundamental research to practical product development, Dr. Weber’s career has been devoted to the advancement of plasma display panel technology. Dr. Weber developed the energy recovery sustain circuit, which reduces dissipated power of a plasma display panel by hundreds of watts, cutting power consumption in half. His ramp set-up waveform overcame the problem inherent in many display technologies of obtaining very dark regions of an image.

Dr. Weber transitioned from university researcher to business leader in 1987 when he founded Plasmaco and acquired what was then the world’s largest facility for manufacturing plasma displays. Panasonic later acquired Plasmaco as a wholly owned subsidiary, and Dr. Weber helped Panasonic develop its first commercial plasma television products in 1997. Dr. Weber was the first to demonstrate a high-quality 60-inch high-definition television image in 1999, ushering in today’s large-screen flat-panel market.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Weber has been recognized with numerous awards for his work in plasma displays. He is currently retired but holds 15 patents on plasma displays.