The Central Texas Section (CTS)

  • Formed in 1963 by the merger of the AIEE and IRE Sections
  • The section geographic area included Austin and San Antonio (about 80 miles apart)
  • The CTS accommodated members in both cities
  • Section chairs and officers rotated between Austin and San Antonio
  • As the section grew, duplicate chapters were formed in both cities
  • The two groups moved toward independent operation with two section vice-chairs, one for Austin and one for San Antonio  
  • In 2019 members in San Antonio began exploring the formation of a new section
  • The petition to form a new section was submitted in August 2019
    • The new Lone Star Section became active November 23, 2019
    • The geographic area included San Antonio and 24 counties in South central Texas
    • There were 762 members in the chapter at the time of formation
  • Trailblazers – members who initiated formation of the section:
    • Scott Atkinson*
    • Jim Brakefield
    • Clif Denny*
    • Walt Downing
    • Ernest Franke*
    • Brian Kelley
    • Ryam Lamm
    • Garrett Polhmus*
    • Joe Redfield*
    • Nils Smith
    • Brian Zook

*  previously served as chair of the Central Texas Section

Lone Star Section Achievements

In 2019

  • IEEE Life Members Affinity Group Achievement Award
  • Outstanding Unit Award - IEEE Life Member Affinity Group
  • MGA Achievement Award - Scott Atkinson (CTS)
  • San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology Project

In 2020

  • New Section Webpage Established
  • Local Operating Procedures Adopted
  • Region 5 John Meredith Lifetime Achievement – Scott Atkinson
  • Region 5 Outstanding Individual Achievement Award – Ernest Franke