Krishan Sabnani


Krishan Sabnani
Krishan Sabnani
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Bell Labs
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IEEE Eric E. Sumner Award


As a senior Vice President of Networking Research for Bell Labs in Holmdel, New Jersey, Dr. Krishan K. Sabnani is noted for his contributions to communications protocols. His work helped shape the Internet and cellular networks, reducing network infrastructure costs by as much as 50%. He was the first to develop a systematic approach to conformance testing, allowing communications systems to work together and reducing test time from weeks to a few hours. He also played a critical role in the design of several important protocols, including SNR and AirMail, and is noted for his contributions to RMTP (Reliable Multicast Transport Protocol), which enables reliable data multicasting over the Internet. He has been a leader in defining Lucent's 3G wireless strategy, creating differential global roaming solutions among cellular and wireless networks that enable wireless communication from any location.

An IEEE Fellow, he is a recipient of the W. Wallace McDowell Award of the IEEE Computer Society.