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Kinam Kim
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Executive vice president and general manager of Semiconductor R&D center at Samsung Electronics, Kinam Kim’s contributions to semiconductor memory technology have helped change the world of consumer electronics. Under his leadership, Samsung Electronics introduced the first 1-Gb and 4-Gb dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and advanced the capabilities of NAND flash memory, fueling the progress of MP3 players, USB memory sticks and memory cards for digital cameras. He developed the recess cell array transistor for DRAM to handle leakage currents that cause reduced data retention times and the MESH capacitor to allow increased stack height without limiting cell capacitance.

Dr. Kim and his team demonstrated increased NAD flash density every year from 2Gb in 2002 to 32Gb in 2006, and Samsung achieved significant market growth with low-cost NAND manufacturing. Additionally, he demonstrated a floating gate shielding process to reduce cell cross talk and three-dimensional stacking of memory layers. An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Kim is also a Fellow at Samsung.