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Keiji Suzuki
Keiji Suzuki
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Keiji Suzuki was born on June 20, 1911, in Japan. He was graduated from Hamamatsu Technical College, and received a doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1950. In 1932 he joined NHK, the Japan Broadcasting Corporation. Since 1937, he has been working as a research member of the Technical Research Laboratories of NHK. From 1937 to 1945 he worked with microwave receiver, microwave measurements, and antennas. Subsequently, he became a subleader of the research group on microwave TV relay transmission. In 1961 Dr. Suzuki became Manager of the TV Research Division and performed outstanding work in various fields of television engineering such as microwave TV relay transmission, TV signal band compression, video tape recording, color TV cameras, and slow motion VTR. At the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, as a leader of the group, he concentrated special effort on the Syncom 3 international television relay. He became Senior Research Engineer in 1965. He was engaged as project manager in satellite tran smission for broadcasting. In addition, Dr. Suzuki was a guest lecturer at Tokai University, Nagoya University, and Aichi Technology Institute.

He was honored by the Japan Electric Wave Association in 1948, and received medals from the Institute of Electrical Communication Engineering of Japan in 1944, 1954 and 1956 for his scientific contributions. In 1961 the Maejima Award was given to Dr. Suzuki and in 1963 and 1965 he received two honors from the Institute of TV Engineers of Japan. He received the National Award of the Purple Ribbon with the Medal of Honor and was honored by the Ministry of Postal Services and Telecommunications in 1965. Suzuki received the 1967 IEEE Vladimir K. Zworykin award "For his outstanding technical contribution in the field of television and engineering leadership in the application of the relaying of television signals via satellites."

Dr. Suzuki was a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of the Institute of Electrical Communication Engineers of Japan, the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, and the Institute of Television Engineering of Japan.

Dr. Suzuki has written numerous technical articles on television and microwave techniques. While he was a man of many interests, most of his spare time was devoted to photography and gardening.

Dr. Keiji Suzuki and his wife, Kimi, had a son, Kenji, and a daughter, Junko.

Suzuki died in 2003.