John K. Hodnette


John K. Hodnette
John K. Hodnette
Notasulga, AL, USA
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Westinghouse Electric Corporation
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IEEE Edison Medal


The Edison Medal Committee of the AIEE has awarded the Edison Medal for 1957 to J. K. Hodnette (AM'25, M'30, F 42), vice-president and general manager (chief operating officer), Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa. The presentation of the medal will take place during the general session of the 1958 Winter General Meeting, at the Hotel Statler, New York, NY.

The citation which will accompany the medal reads as follows:

For his significant contributions to the electrical industry through creative design and development of transformer apparatus which marked new advances in protection, performance, and service. For his vision, judgment, and management skill which fostered and achieved the practical application of his ideas with resulting advancements in the electrical industrv.

Mr. Hodnette was born March 23, 1902, at Notasulga, Ala. He received the B.S. degree in M.E. from Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1922, after which he was with the Illinois Central Railroad for one year. In 1923, he joined the Westinghouse Electric Corporation at East Pittsburgh, Pa., as laboratory assistant in the High Voltage Insulation Testing Material and Process Engineering Laboratory. He moved to Sharon, Pa., in 1925 as transformer insulation engineer. He was named section manager, Distribution Transformer Engineering Development Section in 1932; divisional engineering manager; Distribution Engineering Division in 1937; and engineering manager of the Transformer Division in 1940. From 1946 to 1949, he served as manager of the Transformer Division. He was elected vice-president of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation in 1948. Mr. Hodnette transferred to the headquarters staff in Pittsburgh, Pa., in 1949 as vice-president and general manager, industrial products from 1952 to 1955, he was vice-president and general manager, apparatus products. In 1955, he was appointed to vice-president and general manager (chief operating officer). He became a member of the hoard of directors in 1955.

In l939 Mr. Hodnette was awarded the Westinghouse Order of Merit. He received the "Modern Pioneer Award" from the National Association of Manufacturers in 1940. Mr. Hodnette was the author of many technical articles and held some 32 patents. A registered professional engineer, he was active in the National Electrical Manufacturers' Association. He served on the AIEE Electrical Machinery Committee, 1943-46.