John E. Midwinter


John E. Midwinter
Associated organizations
British Post Office
Fields of study
Fiber optics
IEE J.J. Thompson and Faraday Medals


Over the last few decades, Dr. John E. Midwinter has been a key figure worldwide in the optical communications revolution. He led the development of optical fiber technology at the British Post Office (later BT Labs). His group operated the first installed traffic-carrying graded-index fiber links in the United Kingdom’s network, which was critical in establishing fiber optics as the country’s preferred transmission medium. His subsequent work at the University College, London, in photonic switching and all-optical networks, helped pave the way for today’s dense wavelength division multiplexing networks. He has written or co-authored several books and hundreds of papers.

A Fellow of the IEEE, IEE, Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Institute of Physics, Dr. Midwinter serves as IEE President. His honors include the IEE J.J. Thompson and Faraday Medals. He is the Pender professor of the Electrical Engineering Department at UCL.