Johannes Görges

Johannes Görges
Associated organizations
Technische Hochschule Dresden
Fields of study
Lighting, Power


Johannes Görges was professor of electrotechnology at the Technische Hochschule Dresden, author of a leading textbook in his field, and the inventor of numerous electrical applications during the late nineteenth century.

A review of some of the patents awarded to Görges by the United States Patent Office shows the importance of his research, much of which he developed at Siemens & Halske AG in Berlin in the 1880s. In 1892, he was recognized as the inventor of an incandescent lamp suitable for use in systems employing a multiphase or rotary current and received a second patent for developing a means of linking “Glow-Lamps” through multiphase currents. In 1893, obtained patents for developing a rotary-current motor and an instrument to measure very heavy electrical currents. And in 1895, he received a patent for a rotary field motor.

Further Reading

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