Jerome J. Cuomo

Jerome J. Cuomo
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IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award


Jerome J. Cuomo received his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Manhattan College (1958), his master's degree in physical chemistry from St. John's University (1960), and his PhD in physics from Odense Universitet in Denmark (1979). He spent thirty years at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center before joining the faculty of North Carolina State University in 1993. While at IBM, Cuomo was the Senior Manager of the Materials Processing Laboratory, and pioneered new technologies in materials synthesis and processes. He has 125 patents to his credit and has published over 350 papers. He is a member of and has been honored by the National Academy of Engineers. He received the IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award in 1992. Cuomo is currently a Distinguished Research Professor at North Carolina State University.