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James Barton
James Barton
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The creator of the modern digital video recorder (DVR) and co-founder of TiVo, Inc., James Barton’s contribution to the field of consumer electronics has created “life changing” products for people throughout the world. DVR has provided a whole new television viewing experience to consumers who can now automatically record their favorite television programming for later viewing at their convenience, record a full season and pause and replay live shows. As a connected device, Mr. Barton’s software-driven technology enables a living product whose functionality evolves over time and has set the standard for ease of use and reliability. He developed the first “DVR ads,” which enable customers to interactively click through a regular television ad for more information, and integrated audience measurement capabilities, allowing advertisers to receive direct feedback on advertising effectiveness and understand consumer viewing behaviors.

An IEEE Member, Mr. Barton is currently the senior vice president and chief technology officer at TiVo, Inc., Alviso, Calif.