Jagdishkumar Aggarwal


Jagdishkumar Aggarwal
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University of Texas


Dr. Jagdishkumar Aggarwal, Cullen Professor and director of the Computer and Vision Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, excels as both researcher and educator. Known for his seminal and ongoing contributions in digital signal processing and computer vision, he also is one of the world's premier graduate professors. He has pioneered pattern recognition and computer vision, with applications in recognition and tracking of moving objects, and more recently in recognizing peoples' activities and interactions in video sequences. He has made seminal contributions in three-dimensional analysis using range images, structure from motion, and multi-sensor fusion for object recognition. Dr. Aggarwal has steered his many graduate students toward building successful careers in the computer vision field and establishing strong educational programs at their own institutions.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Aggarwal has received the IEEE Computer Society's Golden Core Recognition and Technical Achievement Award.