Hidenori Akiyama


Hidenori Akiyama
Fields of study
Pulsed power


An internationally known expert in pulsed power research, Hidenori Akiyama has demonstrated excellence in teaching graduate students by developing innovative graduate research programs, unique curricula, and Web-based graduate courses at Kumamoto University, Japan. Dr. Akiyama has supervised over 200 master’s and 35 doctoral students in areas focusing on pulsed power and related fields. His dedication to his students, which continues beyond graduation, has produced leaders who have made major impact in the field. Dr. Akiyama’s textbooks serve as important tools in Japan’s pulsed power graduate programs, and his “eBook” on pulsed power and its applications, which has been translated into English, brings his knowledge to students outside his research labs. Dr. Akiyama also founded and has directed the programs on pulsed power science and engineering for the Japanese government’s 21st Century Center of Excellence education initiative.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Akiyama is a professor with Kumamoto University in Japan.