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Henry P. Hall
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Mr. Henry P. Hall worked for 40 years in the instrumentation field and made significant contributions to the advancement of low-frequency impedance measurements and impedance standards. Instrumental in the development of more than 16 bridges and meters, Mr. Hall may be best known for pioneering the method used in the Digibridge© line of microprocessorbased impedance meters, patented in 1976. The new microprocessor technology allowed users to develop dramatically less expensive instruments that increased speed, versatility and accuracy. Equipment drawing on his work remains widely used in the electrical and electronic industries today. A Life Fellow of the IEEE and one of only three General Radio (GenRad) Fellows, Mr. Hall has been a very active member of the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society.

He holds eight patents and has published more than 40 articles. He retired from GenRad, Inc. (now part of Teradyne), Concord, Massachusetts, as senior staff scientist in 1992.