HJP's Quick Editing Tutorial


A quick howto on adding material to this page

First of all, read the Help>Writing material.  It's helpful up to a point.

You will need a login ID and be logged in to edit. 

Adding a Page

Finding out how to add a page took me awhile to find.  Actually I never did but it turns out to be very simple.  Just add a pair of square brackets around some text like this: some text and a page will be created with that name.  At first the system will complain that the page doesn't exist but then it opens an editor and you are then editing the new page.  Simple.  Make sure the text is sufficiently unique or you'll wind up linking to an existing page and find yourself editing someone else's contribution!  But that's ok too.

Adding an Image

Adding an image was a little simpler since I was using the Rich Editor.  If you are using the simple editor you will need to enable the rich editor.  The RE has a button to add an image.  It looks like a mountain with a dot above it.  First though you need to upload an image.  That is the purpose of the Add Attachment menu item at the top.  That will open a dialog box that will enable you to upload supporting files like images.