H. Neal Bertram


H. Neal Bertram
Associated organizations
Ampex Corporation, University of California
Fields of study
Magnetic recording
Annual Technical Achievement Award


Neal Bertram has been a leader of the magnetic recording technology industry for more than 30 years. During his 17 years at the Ampex Corporation in Redwood City, Calif., his research focused on magnetic tape recording and led to significant understanding of both magnetic media and the recording process. Since joining the faculty at the University of California at San Diego in 1985 as an endowed chair professor at the Center for Magnetic Recording Research, he has directed research in both experimental and theoretical studies of both computer disk and tape storage. Dr. Bertram has developed courses in magnetic recording and magnetic materials and has written numerous papers discussing fundamental limits in magnetic recording. His book, Theory of Magnetic Recording, is required reading for graduate students at a number of research universities.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Bertram's honors include the 1999 Annual Technical Achievement Award from the National Storage Industry Consortium.