Gilmore T. Schjeldahl


Gilmore T. Schjeldahl
North Dakota, USA
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Gilmore T. Schjeldahl was born in North Dakota, USA. Schjeldahl attended high school and college but completed neither. He served as an infantryman at the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Later, he developed strong, lightweight plastics, which led to his work with Echo 1, the first communications satellite launched by NASA in August 1960. This satellite made direct coast-to-coast television transmissions in the United States possible and was the largest object ever sent into space. It stayed in orbit for eight, years.

Mr. Schjeldahl was a life-long inventor and businessman. He founded the G. T. Schjeldahl Co., a circuit manufacturer, and held 16 patents.

Schjeldahl died on March 10th, 2002.