George J. Thaler


George J. Thaler
George J. Thaler
Baltimore, MD, USA
Associated organizations
Notre Dame, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School
Fields of study
Control systems
IEEE Harry Diamond Memorial Award


George J. Thaler was born in 1918 in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended the Johns Hopkins University where he received the BE degree in 1940 and the Doctor of Engineering degree in 1947.

While a graduate student, he also served as an instructor and research assistant at Johns Hopkins. In 1947, he joined the faculty of the University of Notre Dame as an Assistant Professor. In 1951, he left Notre Dame for the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, where he was Professor of Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Thaler has written four textbooks in the area of linear and nonlinear feedback control systems, and his continuing research in this area has produced more than thirty published papers and reports. He also acted as a consultant for International Business Machines Company, San Jose, lectures at the University of Santa Clara, and was a registered professional engineering.