George Chrisikos


George Chrisikos
George Chrisikos
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Qualcomm, Inc
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IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award


George Chrisikos’ patented innovations have advanced the performance and reliability of communication networks. He developed interoperability control algorithms which coordinate and allocate system resources to mitigate the interference issues associated with multiradio coexistence and to optimize flow-control and connection management for seamless wireless connectivity of voice, video, and data traffic while reducing network congestion. His contributions to adaptive antenna allocation, diversity combining, and Rake reception have been a key enabler in the realization of smart antenna technology and spread-spectrum systems, influencing the deployment of MIMO techniques in mobile communications. He led the development and architecture of an electronic design automation suite incorporating hierarchical computational modeling, transforming computer simulation methodologies into a predictive tool for the design of wireless system-on-chip solutions, which gained widespread adoption by the semiconductor industry worldwide.

An IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. Chrisikos is with Qualcomm, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA. Chrisikos was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award.