Frank Gray

Frank Gray
Frank Gray
Alpine, IN, USA
Associated organizations
Bell Labs
Fields of study
Vladimir K. Zworykin Award


Frank Gray was born in Alpine, IN, on September 13, 1887. He received a BS from Purdue in 1911, MS from Wisconsin in 1913, adn a PhD from Wisconsin in 1916. He was assistant and instructor in physica at Wisconsin from 1911 to 1918. From 1918-1919 he was s research worker at the USN Experimental Station at New London, Ct. From 1919-25 he was a research physicist with Western Electric, and from 1925 until his retirement in 1953, he was with Bell Labs.

Gray was known for pioneering mechanical television technology. He received the 1953 Vladimir K. Zworykin Award "For recognition of the fundamental importance to color television of his early studies of the television signal spectrum."