Francois Dolivo


Francois Dolivo
IEEE Third Millennium Medal


Dr. François Dolivo, manager of the Pervasive Computing Group at the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, is recognized for his innovation and commitment in formulating and applying digital signal processing (DSP) methods to the magnetic recording channel in hard disk drives. His work has had a critical impact on this widely used technology. In 1974, Dr. Dolivo joined IBM Research Division's Zurich Research Laboratory in Reschlikon, Switzerland, where he applied DSP techniques to the magnetic recording channel in disk drives. Later, he headed the magnetic recording group that developed the partial-response signaling and maximum-likelihood sequence (PRML) recording channel. The novel digital recording technique became the industry standard. Since 1996, Dr. Dolivo's work has focused on various technologies for supporting pervasive and mobile applications.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Dolivo is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. His other honors include the PC Magazine Award for Technical Excellence and an IEEE Third Millennium Medal.