First-Hand:The Electrical Engineering Career Of Thomas J. Radcliffe, P.E.



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My submission for the IEEE 50th Anniversary story request must be my life story since my interest in electricity started at an early age and at 87 continues today at APG Electric. Since my life story is not over yet, this abstract is merely a Table Of Contents. The detailed life story may follow at a later date.

I had no intention of writing a story of my life. However, the Pinecrest Independent Living Community encourages us to document our life experiences for our families. My activities to date include some short articles and “The USS PCS 1455 ASSOCIATION REPORT” donated to The Pinellas Genealogy Society at The Largo Public Library. The attached Book Review thanks Dr Alan J. Snider D.O. and Diana Baldwin, Activities Director, for their help in preparing this summary.

My career spans more than 70 years and includes the memories listed in the following 7 proposed Chapters. These Chapters, including photos and documents in PDF format, will be submitted when they are written.

Chapter 1 THE EARLY YEARS 1925 to 1943

Helping an uncle wiring houses when knob & tube & solder for fuses was common. Also had summer jobs in the electrical maintenance Department at Cleveland Graphite Bronze which included maintaining L&N temperature control instruments and control systems.

East Tech High training in electricity and radio plus electrical maintenance employment led to enlistment in U.S. Navy right after graduation in 1943.

Chapter 2 THE WAR YEARS 1944 to 1946

Great Lakes Boot Camp, Hospitalization, Electricians Mate Service School, Philippine Liberation, serving on PCS 1455 as one of only 2 electricians in a crew of 55, Okinawa invasion, Shanghai Harbor Entrance Duty, Great Lakes Discharge Center, and return to Cleveland Graphite Bronze (Clevite Corp.) Maintenance Department.

Chapter 3 THE COLLEGE YEARS 1947 to 1951

Marriage, attended Fenn College (now CSU) on GI Bill, (1) controlled large DC motors with thratron vacuum tubes (transistors hadn’t been invented yet), and (2) used 30 scale slide rules for complex transient calculations, co-op employment at Republic Steel and birth of 1st child.

Joined Republic’s Electrical Laboratory after graduation. Three more children were born during the Republic Steel years.

Chapter 4 THE REPUBLIC STEEL YEARS 1951 to 1982

Worked on power, x-ray gauging, high frequency welding, automatic control systems, and finally applying nuclear technology in steelmaking. (several patents on gauging systems) The Electrical Laboratory became The Electromechanical Research Center (ERC) and was moved to the Corporate Research Center in Independance Ohio 1n 1975.

A 31 year Research Dept. career with over 20 years as Corporate Radiation Control Officer included: the following job titles:1. Lab assistant, 2. Junior Engineer, 3. Project Engineer, 4. Supervisory Engineer, 5. Assistant Division Head, 6. Division Head, 7. Technical Advisor

Chapter 5 THE CONSULTING YEARS 1982 to 1991

Early retirement (1982), added Florida P.E to Ohio P.E., moved to Florida, operated a Consulting Service, Published a Radiation Safety Newsletter, and provided Engineering services to APG Electric.

Chapter 6 THE APG ELECTRIC YEARS 1991 to Present

Served as VP of Engineering since 1991, licensing APG as an Engineering Company.

The Company grew from a few employees to over 250 as new Divisions were added, making it a one stop shopping experience for clients. The Engineering Division is currently expanding to meet our clients future needs.

Chapter 7 THE RETIREMENT YEARS 2014 to  ?

Sometime in the future subject to APG needs

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