First-Hand:My recollections of 50 years in Electronics

My recollections of 50 years in Electronics

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Submitted by Stephen Goch

I was never involved in any cutting edge discoveries, but I held a myriad of different types of jobs during my career. There has to be someone out there who is utilizing the technologies others developed.

During college, I worked at a company called Beta Electric, which made high voltage power supplies up to 250 KV. I also worked at Radio Engineering Laboratories on klystron transmitters for over the horizon communications.

After graduation, I worked for Hughes Aircraft on the MA-1 fire control system for the F-106 interceptor. The system used a magnetic drum memory and very small vacuum tubes for logic.

I then worked for ITT Federal Electric as a Field Engineer. This gave me a lot of real world experience in many places in the world. I worked on electronic navigational aids that are still in use today: TACAN, VOR, and ILS systems. I also worked on submarine antennas and had the experience of sailing on 2 Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines.

My next job was with ITT Gilfillan working on the SPS-48 long rang radar. My previous experience during summer jobs working with high voltage and high power came in very handy.

Following that I worked as for Electronic Specialty Project Engineer on the ALM-40 and ALM 60 Test Sets for the ALR-20 Countermeasures Receiver for the B-52. I was also Project on a dispensable radar jammer to be used in Vietnam.

After that I worked for Litton Industries on the radar and IFF systems for the DD963 class destroyer. When that assignment terminated, I moved to the Reliability and Maintainability group performing predictions and Maintainability demonstrations.

My previous field experience came in handy in running these demonstrations and interfacing with military maintenance personnel.

Following that I worked for Teledyne Electronics as Project Engineer on the Advanced IFF Interrogator/Transponder for the F-16 Aircraft.

The final company I worked for was Whittaker Electronic Systems. During my over 20 year tenure I held many positions, from Project Engineer to Cost Estimator, to Senior Contracts Administrator. The main benefit from my breadth of experience was I was flexible and could perform many different tasks, which assured my longevity in the company.

I am now thoroughly enjoying my retirement and volunteer with Civil Air Patrol, a Railroad Historical Society and a food kitchen for the needy. My wife and I also travel extensively.